Pulsar Magnetic Goggles

Additional Pulsar Lens

The Pulsar goggle features a magnetic bond between lens and frame, allowing you to swap between lenses in seconds. 

  • All lenses are mirrored and polarized
  • Magnetic lens/frame connection for easy transitions
  • Rimless design for maximum peripheral field of view
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Anti-scratch treatment
  • 100% UV protection
  • Mold injected ergonomic TPU frame
  • Silicon strips keep your straps in place
  • VLT: Blue 18%, Gold 19%, Green 24%

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Love these goggles

These goggles are awesome. The magnet lens attachment concept works really well. I recommend them.


I had purchased a well known brand name google at the start of the season and they were unusable. Pinched my eyes, air leaked which dried out my contacts-AWFUL. I threw them in the garbage/ $200+ DOWN THE DRAIN. Took a chance on GLADE and I am happy I did. Perfect fit, no issues, great performance - LOVE THEM. Would love to some future new lenses.

Love my new goggles!

Great to have goggles with lenses that can be switched so easily when lighting conditions change so quickly - everything I was hoping they would be. The only downside was that the intial order was sent with the magnetic low light lense I had chosen and the wrong goggle frame. Sales rep Curt quickly fixed the error and I was sent the correct goggle frame within a week.


Pulsar Magnetic Goggles

Pulsar Magnetic Goggles

I ordered these goggles because I wanted a pair of goggles that allowed me to change lenses on the fly with little or no hassle. Have owned other interchangeable lens goggles, but changing the lenses was a PITA inevitable taking forever and ending up with fingerprints etc. on the lens requiring cleaning. Not easy on the slopes. Initially I was skeptical about the power of the magnets to hold the lens in place but ordered the goggles anyway. Well, the magnets work super well, the lens stays on the goggles, the only time I had the lens move was when lifting the goggles off my face to place them on the helmet and that can easily be avoided by not grabbing the lens and instead lifting the frame.
The goggles are super in the sun and the Low Light Orange lenses that I keep in my parka in the supplied baggie are perfect for overcast/snowy conditions. Great job Glade. Oh and the price is unbeatable! Changing the lens on the fly on the slope is a piece of cake!