low light ski goggle lens for flat light, overcast, snowy, and cloudy conditions

Low Light Lens


We like to head out to the mountain with a few different lens options so we're prepared for all conditions.

With our Quicklens™ system you can change lenses on the go as conditions change. All our lenses are anti-fog, anti-scratch, 100% UV protection, and a wide field of view for broader visibility.

Lens details:

As a general rule of thumb, bright or bluebird conditions call for lower VLT and low light or overcast conditions call for higher VLT.  

Customer Reviews

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No need to spend more!

I was ready for new goggles, especially when I noticed that mirrored lenses were everywhere. They also cost $250 at a mountain ski shop. Happily, I found Glade and for less than half the cost, I’m now wearing fashion forward goggles that do exactly what you need them to. The low light ones are especially good on days when the light is flat.

low light vision

Whitefish Mountain is famous for "whiteout" low light conditions. My Glade goggles with the new low light lens made my skiing in Whitefish clear and safe. Thank you Glade Optics.

Glade Challenger Goggles

Used the Low Light lens the first day of skiing in 11 years at Park CIty while it was snowing. Let’s say, I was around to ski the 2nd day! They really helped see the slope in low light and less than ideal conditions. Fortunately, the days after were in bright sunlight, so I enjoyed the Blue lens for bright sun which worked really well. And you can not beat the value, e.g., satisfaction per dollar spent (half as much as other goggles and the same sharpness and clarity.

Thank you Glade!

Mark from NC

Great ski googles

Will buy a 2nd pair

Great Goggles

Bought the Challenger goggle with the green lens and the low light nova lens. Very happy with both. Great visibility with both lenses. I wear glasses and have always had trouble with fogging up, not with these goggles. Impressive goggle for the money!