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Additional Challenger Lens


"When it comes to getting the most performance for your money, the Glade Challenger is one of the best goggles we’ve used... its overall quality and optics are in line with much more expensive goggles"
A new paradigm in the ski industry.
  • Lens: Interchangeable lens system with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating, plus 100% UV protection.
  • Frame: Highly flexible TPU frame ensures total coverage and comfort.
  • Straps: Durable, adjustable, and interchangeable.

Lens details:

As a general rule of thumb, bright or bluebird conditions call for lower VLT and low light or overcast conditions call for higher VLT. 

Color Visible Light Transmission (VLT)
Polarized Silver 8.4%
Blue 18.4%
Green 24.3%
Burnt Orange 25.4%
Low Light Orange 54.0%
Photochromatic 30.0%-84.0%


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