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Our brand new Challenger Goggle is the last pair of everyday ski goggles you'll ever need to buy. Built for resort skiing, multi-day backcountry treks, and everything in between. The Challenger is also equipped with our Quicklens™ system allowing you to change lens colors on the go. 
  • Lens: Anti-fog, anti-scratch, 100% UV protection, and a wide lens for broader visibility.
  • Frame: Highly flexible TPU frame that molds to your face and won't break.
  • Straps: Durable and adjustable.

Lens details:

As a general rule of thumb, bright or bluebird conditions call for lower VLT and low light or overcast conditions call for higher VLT. 

Color Visible Light Transmission (VLT)
Polarized Silver 8.4%
Blue 18.4%
Green 24.3%
Burnt Orange 25.4%
Low Light Orange 54.0%
Photochromatic 30.0%-84.0%



Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
High Quality, Affordable Goggles! Excellent Value!

I got the Challenger goggle with the Burnt Orange lens and am very happy with this product. First off, the construction is simple and clearly durable - many companies are getting carried away with advanced technologies and constructions that ultimately create a less durable product. I've had straps and frames break and lenses pop out on a variety of vastly more expensive products.

The Burnt Orange Lens is another aspect of the goggle I am very impressed by. It cancels out high intensity rays in blue bird conditions and also allows me to see texture and detail in the snow when it becomes overcast. While other companies send you multiple lenses they can be difficult to switch out or un secure and fall out with minor impact. Glade sells you one lens that can hand it all at a fraction of the price!

I would definitely recommend these goggles to anyone looking for a high quality, durable goggle that won't break the bank!

These Goggles are the Boss!

I love my new Glade goggles. Great vision. My eyes thank you very much.

Great gift

She loves them. Smart looking, sleek and light. Just add snow.

Awesome goggle for the price

Fits great with helmet. Lot of coverage due to size of frame. One issue with fog, but that because my gaiter was pulled up high and we were snowboarding whistler bowl and that got the body heat worked up. After that, finished the line and the fog went away pretty quickly, and was totally gone when I made it to the lift. Overall, I’d highly recommend. I’ll likely be buying another lense.

Love the Challenger

I’ve used these for a few days and love the fit. Snug to my nose and cheeks. No chilly air comes in! The giggle performs well under sunny and foggy conditions.

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