• Do something new.

    The weekend awaits.


Our goal is to inspire people to break the routine, to try something out of the ordinary… to do something new. We know that finding that spark can be hard. We forget how amazing the simple act of spending time outdoors is, or how fun a spontaneous trip with a group of friends can be. We get frustrated as each day blends into the next, as each weekend seems to be just like the last. We believe it’s not about being the fastest, or going the farthest, but about seeking out new experiences with fun people. The rest will take care of itself. 


Our best selling shades, starting at $54:


"When it comes to getting the most performance for your money, the Glade Challenger is one of the best goggles we’ve used... its overall quality and optics are in line with much more expensive goggles..you should definitely consider the Challenger next time you’re in the market for a new goggle."

- Blister Gear Review


"Offering the same, head-turning style as the top brands in the industry, a variety of high-performance lenses and customizable design options, Glade provides everything that skiers seek, for a price that fits a skier’s budget." 

- FREESKIER Magazine

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