Frequently Asked Questions

How do I swap lenses on the Challenger goggle?
  • Do not to be afraid of breaking the lenses! Our lenses are exceptionally sturdy and are able to withstand a lot of force. You can pop the lens out of the frame by pushing through the inside of the lens. You'll see the notches on the lens and the holes in the frame to guide the placement of the lens.
Why are your goggles so much less expensive than other brands?
  • We sell directly to you rather than through traditional retail channels. Typically, a brand like ours would sell products to retailers, who then distribute and resell to customers. With our direct to consumer model, we are able to sell our products to you at the prices we would otherwise be offering to retailers.
Can I order additional lenses or replacement lenses?
  • Yes! Check out our "Additional Lenses" dropdown under the Goggle menu in the main navigation bar.
Are returns free?
  • All returns are free, no questions asked. We send along postage for you and all you have to do is drop it in the nearest USPS box.
Which lens is best for me?
  • Check out our Ski Goggles 101 blog post, this page outlines all our lens options and which are best for certain conditions and geographies.